Anode Bake Furnace Refurbishment Project: Phase 01 – Rio Tinto Alcan, Sebree Works

Client: Rio Tinto Alcan
Location: Robards, KY
Project Architect/Engineer: Three I Design, Inc.
Services: ECM Contractor

BCI provided ECM services for the $18.4 million dollar project that consisted of the constructing a new 18 section anode bake furnace at the Sebree Works.  The work included removing an existing bake furnace, excavating approximately 20,000 cy of material, installation of new refractory materials, modifying the overhead crane runways to accommodate vacuum cranes, the installation of new 57” diameter exhaust ducts, as well as various other support systems for the furnace.

  • 1-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 2-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 4-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 5-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 6-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 8-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 9-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 10-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 11-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 12-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 13-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 14-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 15-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 16-BCI-Anode-Phase1
  • 17-BCI-Anode-Phase1