Barge Access Personnel Walkway: 02 – Kinder Morgan, LLC

Client: Kinder Morgan, LLC
Location: Hawesville, KY
Project Architect/Engineer: Orbital Engineering, Inc.
Services: General Contractor & Fabricator

When the Kinder Morgan terminal in Hawesville, KY was repurposed the barge access walkway originally installed by BCI was no longer needed. It was determined that the structure could be modified and reinstalled at a Kinder Morgan facility in Cahokia, IL on the Mississippi River. BCI provided construction services to remove the existing structure and ship it to our fabrication shop where it was modified and retooled to fit its new location. Additional steel components required for the project were fabricated in the BCI shop.

  • 1-BCI-Kinder-Morgan-Phase2
  • 2-BCI-Kinder-Morgan-Phase2
  • 3-BCI-Kinder-Morgan-Phase2
  • 4-BCI-Kinder-Morgan-Phase2